6 Week Challenge

Gain Confidence, build healthy habits, live your life to the fullest.

Your Healthy Active lifestyle Awaits!

The 6 Week Challenge is a comprehensive program that is designed to get you on the path of living the active lifestyle that is right for YOU. You'll get your own private coach, work alongside people who are striving for their own goals, and learn to live a healthy active lifestyle IN and OUTSIDE the gym (because that's what life's really about!)

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Everything you need to get started.

Pre-challenge consult
Work with your coach to set goals for YOUR needs.

Challenge Kickoff event
Meet our team behind the challenge, meet other people who are working towards their own goals, celebrate starting something new.

24hr gym access
Enjoy the benefit of using the facility at any time through the day.

Group fitness program
Take part in one or all of our group fitness classes. We have a great variety and the coaches always make it exciting.

3 Personal Training sessions
Whether your using these to get acquainted with fitness or maybe using them to get better at  sport or activity, work 1-on-1 with your coach to get focused attention.

Weekly check-ins
We're here to keep you on track and to provide you someone to be accountable to. With this 10-15 minute check-in we can answer any questions, offer additional help and guidance, and remind you of the goals you're working towards. 

build a strong resilient body

If you're looking to change some habits, treat your body better, and get on track for feeling your best self, there is no better time then now! Register for The 6 Week Challenge to set some intentions, get out of your comfort zone, and start doing something for yourself!


Train for an activity

Have you wanted to enjoy or be better at a particular sport or activity? Whether it be soccer, golf, hockey, hiking, or biking, The 6 week Challenge can be custom adapted to your needs. Get strong in HERE so you can enjoy OUT THERE.