On Par Golf Program

Lower your score. Play pain-free. Do it again tomorrow.

About 'On Par'

This ten (10) session program begins with an individual movement assessment to highlight some shortfalls that may be hindering your game. 

We carry this knowledge about your movement forward with custom exercises to improve these shortfalls, and weave them into the pillars of the program: 

-Optimizing golf swing mobility 
- Maximizing core strength & stability
- Harnessing weight transfer through the feet to the ball

With a limber swing and a powerful core, your game will not only improve, your body will thank you as well!

This is what you'll get:

- Functional movement assessment
- 10 coaching sessions (60mins/ea)
- complementary home program (daily actions will get the best results!)

Signing up is easy.

Follow the link to be registered in minutes! One of our coaches will reach out within 24hrs to book your first coaching session. If you'd rather sign up talking with our staff, feel free to contact through email or phone, or stop by Tuesdays and Fridays between 8am-12pm.

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